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Imagine waking up on Friday, knowing that you are about to transform your whole life and up-level your business in a way that is nourishing, authentic, supported, and everlasting. 


Imagine being driven by a chauffeur to a stunning location dripping in energy, just begging to pamper you. Visualize yourself being shown to your private suite. When you arrive, you receive a fresh-from-the-oven meal unlike anything you eat back at home. The champagne cork pops (or the coffee pot!) and ideas of abundance and success start to swirl in your mind. You have some time by yourself to feel the serenity and potential of your environment and ground yourself in preparation for the magic to come.


How does it feel to finally have some time and space to indulge in yourself and focus only on the essentials? How does it feel to be steeped in this embracing atmosphere? After the much-needed ME TIME, you receive a phone call from reception inviting you downstairs to the hotel lounge, where you are greeted by your mentor, guide and soul sister Letitia Elizabeth. You’re dressed for the part. Your aura is radiating. You feel unstoppable. No one...NO ONE, is ready for your force to be reckoned with.

Bonjour, I'm Letitia!

(noun.) Letitia
[ li-tee-shuh ] ‘joy, delight, abundance’


Visionaries-in-the-making come to me when they are ready to be paid like a full time expert and stop hiding behind the "fake it till you make it" lifestyle.

I teach women in their zone of genius how to focus, clone themselves, position themselves as a go-to visionary in their desired industry, put systems in place, and create + launch their high-ticket offers...then use their passions to change lives, including their own.


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{ Limited availability of 12 spots, by application only }

Showing up powerfully in your business starts with showing up powerfully for yourself. I am beyond honored and delighted to invite you to this new experience for the Business Homecoming community. This is a coaching intensive designed specifically for my alumni clients and new entrepreneurs of influence who want a shortcut to that next level of their business and will not accept simply waiting around for that to happen.


There is a pathway that led you and I here…


A different class of entrepreneur is reaching out to me these days for coaching.


They are not new to the rodeo. All the basics of their business have been set in motion. 


They are not afraid of commitment, and work pretty damn hard.


They may already even have dream clients, customers, and money coming in...even if it’s at a trickle in pace.


But something is missing. 


They are no dummy, but for some reason everything seems too overwhelming to streamline.


What I hear repeatedly during short clarity sessions from these brilliant ladies is…




They are missing a secret weapon: ME.

Let me be your new superpower that will draw a line in the sand between you and the competition, and the negative self talk, overwhelming task list, and contradicting marketing advice.


Your goal planning, mindset, tenacity, and bootstrapping has gotten you this far.


But with your process alone, you simply are not able to break through to your next level with more of the same.


Now is the time to do something radically different.


My highly anticipated VIP Coaching Intensive Experience is in alignment with Your Process.


It’s time to purposefully design your next level.


I just LOVE intensive days, almost a little too much! It allows me to co-create with my clients in a way that allows them to achieve months of progress in under 48 hours. And it IS an INTENSIVE, so that means you have to come ready to put in the werk. Hence all the play to balance things out. Ya dig?


May I ask you….


Are goals slipping down the priority ladder because you’re too busy or don’t have the right team in place yet? Are opportunities passing you by because you have no system in place to see them through? Are your makeshift day-to-day operation methods at capacity or ineffective and solutions are eluding you? Do you have a product or service that just can’t get past the idea phase due to a lack of direction, clarity, or concentrated effort? Do you have bottomless ideas but simply no idea where to start with it all? Are you ready to up-level? Is it time to expand your audience customer base, or to strategize and explore new directions before it really is too late?


Well then my love, time to respectfully step away from your tedious mind frenzy day-to-day and join me in New York, London, Paris, Tuscany, or YOUR city of choice, so together we can plug into your inspiration, brilliance, creativity, and vision for your business. This vacation with intention gives you much-needed permission to disconnect from the chaos in a way that is productive and restorative. Yes! Both are possible at once. Working with me on a business retreat is a true time of integration, allowing you to both relax and do deep, meaningful work discovering what’s next for you. 


Experience luxurious selfcare and your future self…

Enjoy spa services in between your coaching sessions. Soak in your private jacuzzi every morning and evening while trying a variety of fresh local juices with bounty that was freshly harvested like pineapple, cherry, passion fruit and more. Savor delicious meals at local restaurants, wander the beautiful cobblestone streets aimlessly, and hit the town with Letitia for a fabulous evening self care.

The VIP Business Design Intensive is a custom crafted experience that offers a highly leveraged opportunity to accelerate the potential, possibilities, and profits in your life, career, and business.

After a warm embrace, Letitia walks with you around the hotel grounds, leading you into a private lounge as you begin to chat enthusiastically like new best friends do, spilling the beans on your areas of focus, goals and desires. 

Imagine how you feel in the company of a high-vibe mentor and master strategist who will never allow you to fail. 

Imagine how it feels to be supported, cared for, and guided without judgement towards your deepest ambitions and wildest dreams. Brunch time arrives and you have the choice of dining in the hotel restaurant or opting to stay in the luxury suite as room service brings you your chosen delights. Brunch consists of delicious, fresh energetic macro bowls and colorful smoothies. Feeling energized and uplifted, you listen as Letitia teaches and shares her intuition, knowledge and wisdom with you. You have time to ask questions and delve deep into your biggest blocks and as well as those nagging fears.

After a three-course brunch, you both retreat to your luxury suite so that you can continue the deeper “work” in private. Giving time and space for ideas to percolate.

It’s time for you to integrate what you have learned so far with a guided meditation specific to your vision and energy healing by the fine staff at a nearby wellness studio.

During a wind down cocktail hour, Letitia then shows you potent techniques specific to your goals. There is time for some profound practices to help you celebrate, harness and utilize your expertise as you are now. Feeling utterly fabulous like a brand new person who has shed old skin and limiting beliefs, you are provided with mouth-watering desserts and a succulent virgin cocktail (so you’re primed for the next hangovers needed!) while you continue to master your intuition of what comes next.

After a weekend of pure self discovery, business mastery, and incredibly aligned action plan experience that feels like it has been dropped from heaven itself, it’s nearly time for Letitia to bid you adieu, but not before you both receive a 30 minute massage of your choice in one of the luxury treatment rooms. You meet Letitia in the treatment room’s chill out area after your massage. Now that you are feeling super blissed out, it’s time for Letitia to depart. You have the suite until a pressure-free late checkout the next day in case you care to stay and access to the hotel spa and facilities. You can call your chauffeur whenever you are ready to begin your journey back home.

What a perfect weekend! Just imagine how you will feel after stepping up to the plate of your potential in this way. Deeply nourished, positive, energized, switched on, magical, upgraded, calmer...more focused on what’s truly important for you, activated, ignited, abundant and recharged!

48 hours after your bountiful weekend intensive with Letitia, you are gifted with a personalized Integration pack only available to VIP clients. You are invited to receive a 60 minute follow up call 4 weeks later.

Is this weekend of personal empowerment something your mind, soul, and business says YES to?

Intensives provide a beautifully unique way to spend uninterrupted time on what's most important to you. It's a special time to focus on your dreams and goals for your life and business and get crystal clear on how to get the results you're longing for, quickly.

But Letitia, what exactly do clients focus on during this experience?

Every client is different, but clients in the past used intensives to learn how to:

  • Close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, which means you’ll be able to take clear action.
  • Powerfully plan the exact steps for the next 6-24 months of their lives.
  • Design their next business high level product or service offering. 
  • Identify leadership gaps and strategies for improvement. 
  • Unleash their creativity and self-expression for unique marketing or sales strategies.
  • Connect deeply with their brand values and life purpose for intentional messaging. 

Each experience is highly personalized to meet the individual needs and desired outcomes of my clients.

Laser-focused strategy to design & launch your signature offer

You’re either still trying to be seen as an expert and have no idea what to sell to your audience or you’ve been building your brand for a while now in no particular order or strategic fashion, and now you don’t know how to package and launch your signature offer. Here’s how I can help...

A Change Of Energy, Scenery, and A New Physical Space Is Required

A new belief system and dedication to commitment is absolutely required for the desired change you're looking to make. To open up your creativity and up-level your business breakthroughs, a new environment is required. A new tour guide through this uncharted territory is required, and that would be me. Every VIP Coaching Intensive is uniquely designed with you in mind.

Strategies and mindset to set you free!

Simplify | Streamline | Discern

You may not know this but I am a bonafide minimalist and long-time location independent nomad. Everything I own fits in my very high fashion, yet very shredded-to-bits designer carry-on luggage.

Simplifying, Streamlining, and Eliminating the Unnecessary is my LIFE’S WORK and GIFT!

I am a master at cutting through BULLSHIT, mindset clutter, physical clutter, and everything unnecessary. Taking everything in, stripping things down to their core, (intangible things, physical things, offerings, thought patterns, habits, team members, procedures, etc.) and explaining it in a way that will change your perspective forever. Take every single thing out. Decide if it should stay.

If it is going to stay, clean it up.

Put it back in an intuitive, strategic, and well-organized way.

Set up a maintenance and/or feedback loop for the future.

BOOM. Done. On to the next.


"The insane amount of discovery from this one [experience] is beyond what my most ambitious expectations could have dreamt up! I have so much more clarity around the process toward defining my value proposition. Also, this was the first time anyone has told me to stop trying to force a niche-down approach, and it was the best breath of fresh air! Certain details seem like such a simple thing, but this level of specific guidance throughout working with Letitia took the weight off those micro-decisions off my plate and gave me space and permission to just follow instructions and let my mind create."

Jen Haron
Retreat Event Host

Your Possible VIP Retreat Work:

  • Create a business design + action plan
  • Design your customized Money Strategy & Marketing Plan — Whether it’s finding more clients, boosting the value of your offerings, or launching a new program, we strategize how to increase your biz revenue & reach
  • Build your Operations Procedures Plan — so you are working on your business, not stuck working IN your business
  • Create + Launch your Exit Strategy — so you never have to see the four walls of a corporate cubicle everrrr again
  • Create a solid business foundation that is in alignment with your soul’s cravings
  • Create an authentic brand and marketing message that gets your ideal clients excited to work with you and come begging for more all year long
  • Create offerings and pricing that your ideal clients are eager to buy
  • Get clear on who your ideal clients are, what you do for them and how to best reach them
  • Create a solid marketing plan you can implement easily on a day to day basis without taking up too much of your time, where most of the work is automated, and new customers are delivered to you passively in your sleep
  • Work on setting up the proper systems and structures in your business to be able to leverage your work and your time
  • Learn how to leverage your social media and create a following who loves you and wants more of you
  • Get comfortable selling your services and asking for money without feeling yucky
  • Get access to the newest tools and tricks to save time and make your life easier





Your Possible Mindset Work:

  • Redesign your daily lifestyle balance + self-care habits
  • Create your very own Self-Love strategy


I have yet to meet a single client, no matter how successful they have been before connecting with me, who is free from having inner blocks holding them back. It’s human. What I’ve realized from working with hundreds of women thus far, is that most people don’t understand how much their mindset is truly affecting their success. I can assure you that mindset is a game changer. Your subconscious mind runs your life and in turn your business, on autopilot. And there is a lot going on in your subconscious mind that you have no conscious awareness of. You can have a great strategy, but if your mindset is not aligned, nothing will work. And I do mean nothing. Trying harder is not the answer. Understanding how you are blocking your success and changing it is the answer, which will then transform your business and your results. I will teach you the exact steps I’ve taken with my own mindset to be able to easily manifest what I want, on demand, and often with little to no effort on my part. These mindset hacks will save you so much time and effort and empower you in ways you may never have imagined. You will learn to make subtle changes that translate into big results for months, or even years to come.


Okay Letitia, this is all sounding a bit too good to be true, tell me more….


It's your time with me to DIVE IN DEEP!

Arrive in the exotic getaway destination of your choice and summon a private car to your hotel. Settle in, have dinner, and stroll the lush gardens and peaceful lounge areas before relaxing in your private jacuzzi. With all this amazing self-care, you will be ready for the powerful day ahead.



9:-10am: Greetings + Coffee buffet

10:15 --11:45am: 90 Minute Coaching Session – Wealth Consciousness + Success Mindset

11:45 – 12:00pm: 15 Minute Break

12:00pm – 1:30pm: 90 Minute Coaching Session – Your Audience + Offerings

1:30pm -- 2:00pm: Working lunch

2:00 -- 3:30pm: 90 Minute Coaching Session – Strategy 6 Month Plan + Marketing Calendar

3:30 -- 4pm: Wrap Up and Questions

(*If you are purchasing a destination intensive then a spa package will be included)


What is included


Guided Pre-Strategy Decompression Day

The day and evening before your coaching intensive you’ll prepare by unplugging and taking great care of yourself. Get settled in your new surroundings. Relax, journal, receive spa treatments, read, listen to inspiring audios, take a walk, explore, etc. Giving yourself a buffer between “real life” and your responsibilities at home are key in obtaining big shifts and being open and clear for your intensive session. Some of you reading this rejuvenation mumbo jumbo are thinking one of two things: YASSS Queen! I need this, can we start this part tomorrow. The other half of you are flinching with resistance and mindset block energy just hovering over you. Tisk, tisk. The goal here will be to break those bad business burnout habits and introduce self care back into your business strategy. YOU are your business. Take care of yourself like you would any engine in any car that takes you from point A to B....for years.


Business DNA Workbook

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem assessment exercise. This comprehensive document has been carefully designed to help you get clarity on your business and goals so I can get laser-focused on getting you the results you want from your business retreat weekend.


One Hour Clarifying Call

Once I've reviewed your workbook, we'll meet on the phone for 60 minutes and collaboratively agree on our focus area for your intensive. 


Full-Day In-Person or Virtual Collaborative Intensive Experience

Seven hours each day dedicated to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. You'll walk away with some highly actionable strategies to create the business, lifestyle, and impact you desire.


Customized Report, Resources + Recommendations

Within 48 hours of our time together, I'll send you a comprehensive summary, including recommendations for execution and other resources that I've hand-picked to support your growth and goals.


  • Post-Strategy Day Anchoring, Integration & Implementation call 
  • Recordings of all sessions so you can refer back to the juicy information at your leisure


One Month of Unlimited Email Access + Support

Within 4 weeks of our day, we'll hop on the phone for an hour so we can review your progress, make any necessary course corrections, and address any challenges you may have encountered. You'll also have my full support for 30 days following your intensive! During this time, you may send me questions or any materials you want feedback on.


What’s Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Visas
  • Souvenir purchases 


With the right MENTOR and SUPPORT you can and will achieve EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE. Time to give yourself that permission and allow the universe to make it happen.

Words of warning...


Are you a good fit?

My clients typically get results within 6 weeks of working with me because I am CLEAR and SPECIFIC about who I work with. Before deciding to apply for this opportunity to work with me in such an upgraded way, please chomp on this food for thought…


Who this is NOT for:

If you think this is a magic wand and you do not have to do any work on your part, this is not for you. This is not a get-rich quick scheme. This is also not for you if you have no legitimate expertise. Ouch, but yes it happens. This is not for you if you do not currently have the capacity to execute a launch strategy. You’re full of excuses and not ready to do the work. You barely make enough to put bread and butter on the table. However, if you are a planner who knows how to set goals and reach them and willing to invest in yourself through whatever *responsible* means necessary whether that’s using credit to manifesting the money you need, then this is for you and proceed accordingly.


We SHOULD AND WILL work together if…

You’re an expert, but you’re not getting paid like one (yet).

You want to sell your first ever product/service offer or a high-end offer 

You have something that creates a transformation or makes a difference in people’s lives

You are READY and able to make the investment necessary to earn more money and create a bigger impact in the travel space


Choose Your Favorite Location From Around the Globe!


Meet up with Letitia on her current travel schedule or suggest a location you love! 

Note:  If you opt for a virtual meeting, it is HIGHLY recommended that you check-in to a beautiful location near you in order to receive the biggest results from your experience.









There Is No Turning Back After This Type Of Coaching Experience. Your Entire Perspective Will Be Changed.

Are you ready?

energy exchange

Current energy exchange for this VIP experience is $5,500 in person or $3,000 virtual



  1. Time to shine baby, shine! Book a SHINE SESSION with me - no pressure, no commitment, just lady chatter on what is important to you right now. Submit your application by selecting your desired slot on my calendar and you'll schedule a time for us to meet via phone or skype. We'll ask questions of one another and I'll share details about the VIP Business Design experience and what you can expect. If you decide to proceed, I'll email your invoice to you. Once received, I'll send your workbook to you.
  2. In order to strategically design your VIP experience I need to understand your business, goals, challenges, and blind spots. The Brand DNA workbook brings everything into the light of day so I can effectively help you declutter your business approach. After I receive your completed workbook, we'll schedule your one-hour clarifying call.
  3. Lastly, during a Clarifying Call we'll review your workbook together. This powerful hour will help us get clear about your brightest goal and focus in on your key areas of opportunity so you can stop spinning your wheels on random tasks and instead, take meaningful action toward increased profit. You'll leave feeling clear and ready for action! 
  4. During your 2x 7 hour session (live or virtual), we'll craft your customized business development program. I'll include support strategies that are centered around the specific outcomes you want to achieve and tangible results you'd like to produce. This game plan will give you relief because it will serve as a roadmap to guide us along your highly focused trajectory for the next 6-12 months.


*Remember most coaching and mentorship programs are tax-deductible in most areas.


About Letitia Elizabeth

Letitia is an International Business Mentor, Success Catalyst + Master Breakthrough Accountability Coach, Digital Nomad, and Minimalist. She launched her online empire in 2006 and quickly grew it to a 6-figure omnimedia company in just 3 years. She’s a sassy, fun, relatable, tell-it-like-it-is accountability coach and businesswoman who creates massive results and regularly hits unrealistic goals (and helps her clients do the same) by leveraging a blend of inspired action and intuition with the most effective online marketing strategy. She gives expert guidance, support, and accountability to aspiring or established entrepreneurs just like you. She believes the one thing this world certainly does not need more of is more burnt out, overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are sinking in recommended tactics, baffled by technology, and stressed over their never-ending to-do lists. Letitia manifests freedom wherever she goes. You’re invited into the fold.




A VIP day with Letitia is your chance to gain clarity, direction, practical profound techniques, healing, tailored advice, all while experience healthy luxurious indulgence on your own terms.


If you like the sound of taking your life, your business, and yourself to the next level then apply below.


You deserve to live your truth. You deserve freedom. You deserve to thrive. YOU deserve to bathe in a sea of potential that you are not even able to see exists. You deserve it all, ALWAYS.




With love,

If you are looking for results FAST you will love this VIP experience!

what are you waiting for...


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