Stop Your Limiting Beliefs Now

Oct 23, 2020


When you believe something to be right or true, chances are the conviction of this THING, this belief in something, was formed out of logic, right? All things based in tangible fact is how it goes yeah?
Actually, unbeknownst to you, that's not quite the way in which beliefs develop; you don’t really need evidence to form a belief in something. If that were the case, a silly example would be that...let's say a person you don’t know at all is caught staring at you, and insodoing this is now evidence of you being boring as shit. Yup, alert the press folks! If someone stares at you, this is now evidential proof of their boredom.
What we have here is you formed a new belief based in nonsense, which is when you start looking for evidence to support the belief. This then leads to twisting facts, so that everything becomes perpetual supporting evidence. Pretty much, it's ego-driven bias in the most glorious form.

So how does one break free from this madness?

Since this isn’t how beliefs are created in the first place, it’s safe to start asking where and how your beliefs come about.
Let's have you play detective. It's not like you have anything better to do #amiright
First off...a myth stands corrected.
Beliefs are the result of one thing – a mental action intended to avoid pain and experience pleasure. For instance, believing that something isn’t possible for you to do may be your way to avoid the pain that comes from failing. With that belief secured in your mind, you begin to look for evidence that will support it. When your mind fails to find any evidence, it will create them instead by twisting things (aka reality) in their favor.
Talk about being mind fucked eh!
How can you change these limiting beliefs?


There are two ways in which you can incorporate a new empowered belief with the evidence that will support, but first, you must get rid of any belief that has no supporting evidence behind it.
Challenge The Disempowering Belief Itself
One way to do this is to challenge the evidence. How so? You must question beliefs and create tangible doubt that any and all fake-ass-news evidence doesn’t support the belief you’re trying to eliminate.
For example, if the hallucinating person we mentioned earlier truly thinks they are boring, they should be questioning that belief as soon as possible before claiming it as fact or truth. Did someone tell them they are boring directly to their face? What evidence do they have that support this theory? Was the evidence obtained properly or through precarious means like heresy and imaginative self loathing?
This is the way a belief changes.
You question it repeatedly!
The stronger the belief is, the more questioning you will have to do. By constant questioning of this belief, you can destroy it. In our example, the evidence the person had from a stranger’s glance was that they were boring, and by challenging this, they can limit the belief, and it eventually becomes non-existent.
Tie It To Pain
Another unique way in which to change your beliefs is to tie it back to some type of pain. Remember, beliefs relate some way to pain. When you tie it back to pain, you realize the damage it’s doing to you. You can steer clear of the belief and eventually it’s gone.
What are some beliefs you hold that are keeping you stuck in place or feeling insecure or supporting your procrastination? Share them below so I can help you destroy them one by one using our techniques.
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