Are You Uncovering Your Purpose + Gifts?

May 07, 2020

It’s doubtful that you realize everything you’re capable of accomplishing. In fact, you may have never even scratched the surface. Most people struggle with uncovering their personal gifts and using them to create success for themselves. Everyone is out there trying to find their purpose, but the much easier jumpstart is to discover what are your natural gifts.

You may be limited by what others have told you about yourself. Teachers, parents and other influential persons in your life may have inadvertently limited you by telling you what you’re capable of just by observation or testing.

These well-meaning people don’t usually dig deep enough to set you off on a path where you feel you are capable of anything. We’re all limited by what we think of ourselves as told by others. External validation is the real pandemic in these times.

Unless you stop limiting yourself to what they’ve told you and begin to uncover and reveal your personal gifts that make you the unique person you are, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

Keep in mind that your habits can become talents. Whether you want to write, play the piano, start a business or become a Navy Seal – forming habits that will get you to that place is the only way to achieve it.

Only the obstacles you place on yourself can hold you back. Overcoming these barriers that you and others have come to believe takes perseverance. You must begin to prioritize the steps that are going to get you where you want to be.

Each step you take requires focus. While everything might not work out as you hoped, you’ll at least be taken to a place in your life that can provide guidance about what you want to do next.

Intentionally decide on specific values and goals in your life. Never violate these values to get what you want. That will never provide satisfaction and you may never be truly happy with what you’ve accomplished.


To find out your true mission in life and reveal your personal gifts, dig deep to find out what activities you enjoy most – the ones that make you forget about time. What comes naturally to you? Your innate skills are gifts you can use to bring success into your life.

Be honest with yourself. Think about what you might regret not pursuing later in life and some challenges you’ve already overcome. Use these thoughts to create your mission in life. After you identify your true mission, it will be easier to reveal your gifts.


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