You Are Worthy

May 07, 2020

Wallowing in self-pity and low self-worth because you don’t think you’re worthy of success or personal satisfaction is a sure way to keep your dreams from ever coming to fruition. 

Unless you begin to take actions to reach your goals and dreams, you’ll never see yourself as a true achiever and worthy of great success. There’s no one like you in the world and your ideas are unique. Take advantage of that and go after what you want.

Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything

You aren’t perfect – no one is. Others might look as if they have no flaws or imperfections, but when all is revealed in true light, there is no such thing. So many people put off taking action to reach a goal because things aren’t perfect yet.

Putting off until tomorrow what you should be doing today is detrimental to your future success. You might be waiting for a promotion at work, putting off writing that novel until you have time – or even waiting to get fit and lose weight until you can join a gym.


Ignoring the changes you need to make in your life until things are perfect tends to lower your self-esteem because you don’t see yourself as valuable enough to make the changes now.


The process of esteeming yourself means that you’re setting a higher value on your own personal satisfaction and creating the life you dream of and deserve. If you don’t value yourself and think you’re deserving, you won’t treat yourself as such.


Rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before you spread your wings and fly, create your dream life now. First, you must believe in yourself. You, alone, can take charge of your self-worth.


Take over the responsibility of showcasing your talents, promoting your abilities and fostering your potential. Begin by acknowledging the successes you’ve already had in life. Write them down as you identify them and keep the list as a sort of victory journal.


Refer to your journal when you lose focus of what you want to accomplish and when you feel your self-esteem seeping away and being replaced with self-doubt. Being reminded of your past successes helps you recharge your batteries and gain a sense of purpose.


You may have to take some risks in the path to success. Sometimes it takes a high amount of self-confidence to face obstacles head-on. Fear of the unknown is always difficult to navigate.

Embrace your faults by acknowledging them and then focus on your positive traits. Your future is at stake and you only have to believe in yourself to create the future you want and deserve.


You’re Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success


It’s easy to feel as if you’re not worthy of success or any good things that come your way when things happen to make you feel broken and frustrated. You’re deserving at all times – not only those times when you achieve successes.


What makes you a deserving person is your commitment to overcome obstacles in your path to success. You can’t be complacent and halt your progress every time you’re faced with a distressing situation.


You know you’re worthy of all success that can come your way when you have a strong sense of purpose and a powerful vision. You can’t let the past determine how you plan your life. Have a plan and stick to it.


You’re deserving when you refuse to give up on your commitment to success. You may imagine success and struggle for it, but give up on it when the going gets rough. Truly successful and most deserving people never give up on their commitment.


Successful people truly believe they deserve the success they’ve realized. They don’t let preconceptions about themselves or from others ruin their chances. They know that spiritual success is entwined with material success.


Without both types of success, both become meaningless. Many people never grasp that concept of success, but when you are spiritually healthy, you bring a consciousness into your life that helps you focus on the material things you want and need.


You actually become afraid of success when you give in to thoughts that you’re not deserving – that you just don’t have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success that others have.


In truth, the challenge to be successful is comprised of the fears that get in your way. Unless you identify these fears and overcome them, you may not accomplish what you set out to do in life.


One of those fears could be fear of failure. You may struggle with fears of your goals not working out quite the way you imagined. It’s particularly difficult to overcome this fear if you’ve tried before and failed.


When you solidly put those failures in the past and take steps to find future success you will have overcome one of the main fears that are holding you back. Then, you can move forward.

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Another common fear that becomes an obstacle to success is fear of the unknown. It helps to allay this fear if you step into your plans for the future fully prepared. It takes a lot of preparation – physically and mentally – to prepare for the success you deserve.


Good habits can help you feel better about facing the unknown. They can help to nurture you past the times of feeling unworthy and full of self-doubt that you can do it. When your mind and body are functioning at full force, you are capable of most anything.


Are you afraid of what others think? Others aren’t going to climb over those obstacles for you. They can help, but they can also hinder your progress if you let criticism and rejection rule.


Follow your own heart and do what you need to do to reach the goals you set for yourself. When you strive to please others over yourself, you become co-dependent and that can be detrimental to you ever achieving personal satisfaction and success.

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