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Alignment Strategy + Done-For-You Social Media Templates To Help You Nurture Your Audience, Manifest Income, and Make Impact As A Lady Boss. Delivered Daily!

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Caption this...

Picture yourself waking up each day feeling completely confident and excited to connect with your growing audience of fans, friends, and potential customers because you have access to a secret weapon...

Yup, you guessed it. Totally done-for-you social media prompts and templates right at your fingerprints so you can plug and play, then move on to slay the rest of your day! (yeah, we know, pure poetry)

THIS is the answer you've been searching for.

A 100% complete framework for coaches, healers, freelancers, product makers, marketers, and writers who are stumped and blocked but still know they need to build their influence, impact, and income through organic content marketing.

Geared specifically toward attracting + engaging with your ideal target audience or customer avatar as a solo business owner strapped for time.

Imagine never, ever having to waste another second of your day trying to figure out…


"Ahh crap, the day flew by, what can I even think of posting before dinner time?"

"OMG…what do I share on my Instagram stories today?"

"How can I figure out what caption will work well in these damn Facebook groups?!"

"I need a spark of inspiration for my email newsletter that I've neglected, what is there new to say?"

"Will I ever think of a way to stay consistent with my messaging!"

"What would I even create a YouTube video about this week?!"

"How do I get my followers to actually ENGAGE with what I say, much less respond with comments?

"How do I make my captions so magnetic, people slide into my DMs begging to work with me even without a fancy website or sales page?

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Because let's be real...

You’re scrolling through social media right now, comparing yourself to every other six-figure success story (they all start to look alike don't they) on your feed, and even when you know they can afford a team, you beat yourself up so much that now your social media accounts are completely abandoned. It's the wild wild west out there, and you're leading with tumbleweeds. Not to mention, it crushes your spirit to see how competitive and saturated it is out there. You're constantly wondering, "How can I stand out if there are so many other people doing what I do!"

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There's a good chance you find yourself in a content or messaging slump right now where no one is truly responding to the posts you create and you feel like you're talking to crickets

Most of the time, you don't even know what to create so you randomly post whatever comes to mind, which frankly isn't all that inspiring

You're not always motivated enough to create, and when you finally do get around to it, a miracle has to happen to keep you consistent, so you go days and sometimes ever weeks without posting

Your audience isn't growing and you're getting tired of posting to the same 12 people you attended that lame online course with

You have anxiety about being perceived as not professional enough for what you do because of how nervous + unprepared you feel whenever you're doing a live video

So you kinda throw your hands up and stop... then say a hopeful prayer that customers or clients will magically find you regardless

Content creation can feel really obnoxiously stressful sometimes, which can make growing your business to full-time status organically feel that much harder...

... but what if it didn't have to be so hard?

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☾ Have a legit content strategy so you know exactly what to post over and over again without researching anything...

☾ Feel proud of the content you’re creating and know that you’re slowly leaving a legacy

☾ Stand out from the masses simply from doing what you’re doing, while being the one that everyone wants to go to

☾ Be able to build and sustain inspirational flow states so you actually feel good when you’re in creation mode

☾ Have an inbox full of DMs and private messages of people loving your content and wanting to work with you

☾ Feel embodied in your authority as a leader and command the attention of your tribe

... and just, know what the fuck you’re doing when you’re creating content! How bout that!


What would that look like? How would it feel to be a badass content creator?



A monthly members-only content club 

Daily Alignment Strategies + Social Media Prompt Templates, Right At Your Fingertips...

To Help You Build Up Your Audience, Income, and Authority Online!

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How It Works:

  • Click here to sign up. You'll create an account  for your own dashboard.
  • Once you are officially joined as a new member, your login info will be mailed to you. Every day from now on, you can login to copy + paste the prompt template to the social media platform of your choice. Simply fill in, personalize, and publish! Voila!
  • If you are a fan of batching, you are more than welcome to scoop up ALL the prompts for the week and prepare them in advance, then schedule your posts.
  • This is a monthly membership-style service (kinda like Netflix for content!) so once you click "sign up", you'll get immediate access to your first month of attraction marketing-focused prompts for you to create content on your social media channels, your blog, podcast, newsletter, etc (all for less than $2 a day!)
  • Your subscription will renew + bill every 30 days automatically, and as soon as it does - you’ll have access to the next month of *entirely brand new* plug-and-play templates to use!
  • This monthly membership lasts for as long as you remain a member - after which, your payments will end, and you will continue to have access to all the content you paid for!
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This sounds too good to be true!

What goodness will be included?

Daily prompts that are strategically crafted and planned out by expert brand strategists to help you...

  • Connect with your ideal client/audience
  • Provide the exact, value-based content they are looking for
  • Position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Clarify your brand messaging
  • Prep your audience for buying when promotions happen
  • Grow your lead list or email using the latest SMM trends + techniques
  • Stay CONSISTENT on social media, finally
  • Grow a loyal and engaged following
  • Build a strong personal brand 

and most importantly...

Grow your authority + income in less than 10 minutes a day!

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Letitia Elizabeth

Brand Strategist, Accountability + Consistency Coach


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Jackie Rogers 

Digital Marketing Guest Expert Mentor