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Thanks for wandering over to my offerings page. You can call me Letitia, or Queen of Accountability + Consistency, because we're about to make sure you bust through any barrier standing between you and your desired success. Let's build you a business that aligns with your truth, power, and purpose.

They want you to follow behind. But you were born to blaze a trail.

Do It Your Way


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For the woman who needs clarity and strategy and they need it fast, this private, one-to-one Pre Chatter Call is your secret weapon. For a fraction of the cost of my coaching packages, you can experience this intimate and nurturing phone-a-coach session to cover whatever challenges, questions, blocks, or opportunities are appearing in your business.

This individualized private clarifying experience is not to be mistaken for run of the mill "discovery calls" that leave you feeling perplexed. Choose any topic you like, from a general business review to addressing a particular challenge or goal, and walk away feeling 100% actionable and confident. 

I will provide specific insights, suggestions, recommendations, and action steps to help you take your business to that next level, along with a printed roadmap for you to move forward confidently whether we continue to work together or you journey solo.


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For the first time ever I am offering custom tailored, private, one-on-one accountability coaching to the public. There's no requirement to be a current client, anyone with specific goals in need of support can now access my brain and tough love on tap!

starts at $167

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I invite you to be my guest in New York or a gorgeous city of your choosing, and experience the pulse of possibility and inspiration. We’ll spend an immersive 2 days and 3 nights soaking up the energy of the city as we conduct a complete business review and assessment to uncover limiting blocks, resolve persistent growth problems, and identify profitable opportunities.

You will have my undivided attention for a full 14 hours of inspiration, intention, and implementation to indulge in intensive coaching and feel the power of having my experienced eyes on your business for two whole days.

By the time we finish, you will have an entirely new outlook on your business, your plans, your goals, and your unique path to achieve them.

starts at $5,500

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Welcome To The Dream Atelier

come discover your unique way to make money and feel free

Hello aspiring selfmade lady! 

So…first thing’s first. This isn’t a sales page. Certainly not the typical coaching page you’re probably used to.


Because I don’t WANT to sell you on working with me. In fact, if you NEED to be sold on why I can help you and your business, this probably isn’t for you.

I’ve created this very simple, straightforward coaching option for the woman who knows me, watches/listens to my stuff, is familiar with my style and business philosophies, and knows, without a doubt, that by having my eyes, ears, heart, and soul all over her business for 30 days, she has the ability to create massive momentum.

Sound like you? Cool. Keep reading.

Yet, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of the “right” ways to do business according to all of the experts out there. The big promises of six figures if you just follow the “step-by-step system” and more…. sigh.

If all of those formulas worked, you’d be making more money. Everyone would be.

Here’s the really damaging piece with those formulas and their sexy promises:
they are designed to have you believe that something is wrong with you if they don’t work.

Here’s the truth – nothing is wrong with you.

What if you just haven’t found YOUR way to market yourself and grow your business? 

If I had to guess, you:
  • Do things differently. You’ve never quite fit in the box. #rebel
  • Live your life consciously. You seek a life of fulfillment, contribution, and joy. 
  • Are naturally curious. You’ve never been able to accept, “this is all there is” and you know there is more to life.
  • Would like to make a big impact. 
  • Would love to make great money doing the work that deeply matters to you.

The Client Manifest Method™ will change the way you do business (and live your life). 

There are four ways to explore becoming a bonafide selfmade lady with our Client Manifesting, from the free option to a full year of implementation support. 

Or if you’re looking to do private coaching with me, go here.

There's the hard way. Then There's Our Way.

You and I together is a recipe for unstoppable power. Allow me to be the wing woman you never knew you needed. As a business strategist and accountable consistency coach, I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to navigate your business life as a multi-passionate, then keep you accountable, strip your mindset of dead weight and limiting beliefs, so that you can release the burden of what others say you "should" do and instead become 100% confident in doing things your way.

After 17 years in the game, and business projects that have landed me on CBS, Fox, She Knows It, YFS, Organic Spa Magazine, LUXE, Luxury Travel, and the front cover of The New York Times, there's no need to look any further. I TEACH STRATEGIES THAT GUIDE YOU TO ALIGNMENT, INSPIRED ACTION, AND MORE INTENTIONAL BUSINESS PLANNING, BY SWIRLING YOUR ARRAY OF PASSIONS INTO LASER FOCUS. DO IT ALL WHILE BEING 100% UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. 

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Want to feel Supported AF?

Dreaming about finally manifesting those reliable five-figure months so you can adventure into creating more exciting areas of your business and life? The gurrrl, you need support. It takes a village to raise a business idea from scratch, and friends who feel like sisters to raise a selfmade millionaire badass. Time to step up your rolodex.